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Share your thoughts on grief and mourning with us

How do we handle the emptiness when fellow humans, landscapes, entire species and populations disappear or die? How do we see, feel and reflect the void and how do we resonate with the hole their disappearance leaves with us?
Please share with us.

Wie begegnen wir der Leere, wenn Mitmenschen, Landschaften, ganze Spezies und Populationen verschwinden oder sterben? Wie sehen, fühlen und reflektieren wir diese Lücke und wie hallt dieser Hohlraum nach, der ihr Verschwinden hinterlässt?
Wir freuen uns auf Eure Beiträge.

Beyond the door
There's peace, I'm sure.
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.
(Eric Clapton, "Tears in Heaven")

Tears for Peace




Hello I am looking for my home




"It is also then that I wish I believed in some sort of life after life, that in another universe, maybe on a small red planet where we have not legs but tails, where we paddle through the atmosphere like seals, where the air itself is sustenance, composed of trillions of molecules of protein and sugar and all one has to do is open one's mouth and inhale in order to remain alive and healthy, maybe you two are there together, floating through the climate."
- Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life

floating through the climate




Ground Control




Meeting with Manshinnim

Meeting with Manshinnim


Gyung Moo Kim


Himmelsbestattung in Tibet




“Wieso macht man das eigentlich?“, fragte ich. „Wieso fühlt man sich nach einem Tod so oft schuldig, selbst wenn man weiß, dass es falsch ist?“ (...) „Wir suchen unsere Fehler und unsere Schuld, weil es leichter ist, als zu trauern ... Es lenkt uns davon ab.”
― Benedict Wells, Hard Land

Die Schuld und das Trauern




"Der Tod eines Elternteils stört trotz unserer Vorbereitungen, trotzenderes Alters, Dinge tief in uns auf, er löst Reaktionen aus, die uns überraschen und Erinnerungen und Gefühle hochkommen lassen, von denen wir annahmen, sie wären längst auf den Grund gesunken. Es ist, al würden wir uns in dieser unbestimmten Periode, die man Trauer nennt, in einem U-Boot befinden, still auf dem Meeresboden, der Untiefen bewußt, mal näher, mal ferner, hin und her geworfen von Erinnerungen." (S. 33)

"The death of a parent, despite our preparations, defies age, upsets things deep within us, it triggers reactions that surprise us and bring up memories and feelings that we thought had long since sunk to the bottom. It's as if we were in a submarine during that indeterminate period called mourning, still at the bottom of the sea, aware of the shallows, sometimes nearer, sometimes farther, tossed back and forth by memories." (p. 33)

Joan Didion "The Year of Magical Thinking" ...death of a parent




Rotten perfect mouth (Eva H.D.)

I discovered Eva ´s poems through the film « I am thinking of ending things » directed by Charlie Kaufman. In this film, the actress recites « Bonedog », a beautiful poem about how coming home is often awful. My partner and I were really touched by it and he decided to buy her books. I find her poems really really powerful.
I recommend.
Today I shared « Sickbed » with the team in the frame of our project.

Rotten perfect mouth (Eva H.D.)


Manon Parent